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ICA is the new generation of marketing & online stores in the United States. ICA is the best way to shop and the best way to save. As a member with ICA your travel time is rewarded in Loyalty Points. ICA is the fastest way to shop and get all your offers on the latest items, upcoming message’s, notifications, events, all in one place. With ICA you receive Loyalty Points for traveling to visit your favorite stores. Now for the first time receive Video Deal Alerts and details on Cashback Awards on your favorite brands all in one place. Let your fingers do the shopping with our state-of-the-art app. ICA gives you the most up to date trending offers in the marketplace today! Consumers with ICA can order from their favorite stores at any time 24/7, ICA will deliver your Items faster than you think. With ICA you can get direction to your favorite stores, mark your items as favorite and save them for the future. As Family & Friends you are our most valued asset! Now when you share the ICA opportunity with Family & Friends, on how they too can also receive a $100 birthday shopping voucher for downloading the free app, you will receive Loyalty Points for sharing the opportunity with them. The app allows you to share or chat and get closer to the people that are important to you in your life, by chatting with them or sending them exclusive offers, discounts and gift certificates and for the first time the introduction of Video Deal Alerts. ICA is truly a state-of-the-art app and a state-of-the-art opportunity! that you can't get anywhere else! All is unique to the ICA opportunity!

Access to all Stores & Categories and Video Deal Alerts: Restaurants & Food Delivery, Fashion & Clothing, Autos, Hair Salons, Lawyers, Doctors, Pet Stores, Travel, Health & Beauty, Salons, Plastic Surgery, Insurance, Real State, Heating & Airconditioning, Home Improvement & Appliance’s, Autos, Groceries, Specialty, Grocery pickup & delivery, Car service, Online Shopping: all unique to the ICA opportunity!


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ICA makes it easy to stay safe during the covid pandemic and deliver to you the best quality food from the finest restaurants and retail stores in your area. The app has stores with distinct brands and exclusive offers and discount with one-of-a-kind Video Deal Alerts that you can't find anywhere else. ICA gives you the best opportunity to earn loyalty points while travelling to your favorite restaurants and retail stores!


With ICA, you redeem loyalty points for sharing the ICA opportunity with friends and family! With ICA you can invite your friends and family to enjoy the same benefits and discounts and receive loyalty points for doing the same thing! The redeemable explanation for Cashback Rewards needs to go here.

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Make Your Day, with iCouponAds.

Using the iCouponAds app with a handle bar mounted smart phone makes communication with your group simple.

Available on Android devices from 5.5


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Join and get a $100 shopping voucher. Then once a year when it's your birthday!


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